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Juvenile Crime Defense Lawyer — McKinney, Texas

Juvenile delinquency is handled differently than adult crimes, although the consequences of a juvenile delinquency conviction are every bit as real as an adult crimes conviction. If your child has been accused of a crime, you need an attorney with specific knowledge of the juvenile justice code and experience handling these types of cases.

Attorney Tim W. Avery has nearly 20 years experience handling the most complicated criminal cases. His experience as a prosecutor gives him a unique insight into both sides of the criminal case. Contact the Law Office of Tim W. Avery for skilled representation from an attorney who is proficient in handling juvenile defense. Attorney Avery's offices are conveniently located in Collin County, Texas, close to the courthouse.

We represent juvenile clients accused of all crimes including:

  • Drug charges
  • Sexual assault of children
  • Theft
  • Assault
  • Violent crimes

Because juvenile offenders are treated differently from adults, they are not facing prison sentences. However, a conviction could mean long term detention in a juvenile detention facility. We promote alternatives to juvenile detention by pursuing deferred prosecution and avoiding a formal filing of the juvenile case in the juvenile district court. Without the case being formally filed in the juvenile district court, we are able to avoid a juvenile record.

Our firm will always represent the interests of our juvenile client and consider how he or she wishes for the case to be handled. We work with our clients, their parents, the district attorney's office, and probation officers to find an arrangement that protects our client's record and gets them back on the right track.

There are diversion programs that are available through deferred prosecution, including life skills classes, involvement in community activities, and the Wilderness Program. If the juvenile client successfully completes the diversion program, there will be no formal record.

If a case is filed in the juvenile district court, Attorney Avery will work diligently to promote the interests of our client.

In juvenile cases it is especially important to pursue the possibility of sealing the juvenile record. For juveniles with a formal record, we take measures to get the record sealed so that one simple mistake in their youth does not affect the rest of their lives. This can be very important when our client later applies for college or employment. Contact the Law Office Tim W. Avery today to discuss your child's case with an experienced juvenile defense attorney and committed client advocate.