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Child Custody & Visitation Attorney
McKinney, Texas

All too often in child custody and visitation disputes, parents end up fighting over their children as if they were a piece of property. At the Law Office of Tim W. Avery, we work closely with our clients to try to develop parenting plans without the animosity and anxiety involved in a courtroom battle.

Contact our office today to discuss your parenting case with an experienced, attentive, and highly-regarded child custody lawyer in McKinney, Texas.

Although the court will develop a standard possession order, it can be expanded upon by the parents if they are willing to work amicably to develop a child custody or visitation plan that better suits their unique schedules and the individual needs of their children.

We seek creative, flexible resolutions to the parenting plans of our clients that address the physical and emotional needs of the children while allowing for the goals of the parents. Contact our firm to discover your options.

Depending on the age of the children, their desires may be considered as well. Every client is different, and every parent has unique goals. We will listen to the individual objectives of each client and firmly advocate for their child custody and visitation rights in accordance with those goals.

When a parent has moved, the circumstances of a parent have changed, or the wishes of the children require a post-divorce modification of child custody arrangements, we will represent our clients' interests in developing a new plan.

When a child custody or visitation agreement that is satisfactory to all parties cannot be reached, Attorney Avery will be an aggressive advocate for our clients in court.

Contact us today to discuss your individual parenting goals and the best interests of your children with a committed, experienced attorney. We are available for evening and weekend appointments when needed.